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­  International Association for Counselling

Dear fellow Argentinian and international counsellors,

IAC is very much looking forward to visiting your beautiful country for its 2017 conference. I personally am aware of the vibrancy and passion demonstrated by Argentinian counsellors and I know that counselling in Argentina is becoming an important catalyst in the daily lives of many people. I salute the efforts made by the Association Argentina Counsellors to bring the conference to Buenos Aires for the second time in the IAC’s history.

For the past 50 years IAC’s mission has been to act as an international ambassador for counsellors and counselling around the world. During this time it has held consultative status with UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO and ECOSOC. IAC moves into its second half century looking forward to serve as a space for dialogue and understanding for counsellors from around the world.

I am aware that the AAC is preparing a conference programme that will celebrate Argentinian and international counselling through inspiring keynote speeches. Accompanying the conference there is a full social programme that will permit delegates to sample Argentinian history, arts, food and culture. Judging by the preparations I know that this conference will be one to remember and I would like to call upon all members of the counselling profession: practitioners, supervisors, researchers, educators and other kindred professionals to join us in this opportunity to meet, discuss, communicate, collaborate and celebrate Counselling in the vibrant city that is Buenos Aires.

I look forward to meet you all in April next year for IAC’s 51st annual conference.

With best wishes



Dr Dione Mifsud

President, International Association for Counselling



Asociación Argentina de Counselors

Dear Counselors Worldwide and Colleagues from Argentina, 

We are happy to receive in our country, as we did in 2005, the international community of Counseling, convened by the IAC in 2017.

Since 1991, the Argentine Association of Counselors gathers Argentine professionals. The aim of our association is to promote Counseling and ensure the best professional performance of partners, who swear the Code of Professional Ethics of the AAC since 1997. Since that year, under the inspiring guidance of our unforgettable Z. Hans Hoxter, we grew and we relate to the international community through IRTAC and then IAC, who welcomed and enriched us by sharing the advances of worldwide Counseling.

Convinced of the value of Counseling in promoting personal and social development, Argentina Association of Counselors is now considering its work to strengthen the training of counselors and promoting Counseling in Argentina and South America countries.

We need an Active Counseling in Social Development to strengthen our peoples.  In that spirit, we are preparing the agenda of the 51st IAC Conference with much care and great expectations. We want to celebrate our meeting sharing not only academics, but also our culture, offering all our hospitality and warmth.

I call you to participate in this great gathering of the international community of Counseling, and give us the opportunity to enrich ourselves with the multiplicity of approaches and diversity of experiences that means our work in such different contexts over and breadth of the planet.

We look forward to your presence and participation!
Our best wishes to you all.



Clr. Alejandro Corbalán

President, Argentine Association of Counselors